25 January 2011

Accidental Sausage

Yesterday, I had planned on making seitan stroganoff and from this post title you can see I made sausage instead. I had my vital wheat gluten heating in a pot and was waiting for the water to boil to reduce to a simmer but I got completely distracted and when I remembered my seitan on the stove top, it was too late. The seitan had boiled for way too long and was quite spongy. I still let it sit at a low heat before straining and cooling but the texture didn't seem like it would improve much. Instead of chucking it in the bin I decided to fry it up with a little olive oil and the end result was much like the texture and taste of cooked Gimme Lean sausage. In other words, it was delicious!

I used the recipe for the basic seitan from Veganomicon and added:
2 teaspoons garlic powder,
1 teaspoon black pepper,
1 teaspoon dried oregano,
1 teaspoon dried basil,
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon of dried parsley

Now I had no idea I was going to end up with sausage, had I known I would have added fennel as well. I still decided to make pasta and dinner was a success! I sauteed onions, mushrooms, zucchini and spinach along with the sausage and threw it on some locally made basil pasta noodles. I will have to try later for the stroganoff, but until then I have quite a bit of tasty accidental sausage in my fridge.


  1. Don't you love a delicious accident?

  2. Oh, what a happy (and delicious!) accident. I keep meaning to make my own faux-sausage, but haven't yet worked up the nerve... Maybe I'll take this route, it sounds fool-proof!

  3. I love accidental deliciousness. Sounds fantastic!