29 March 2012

Bake Sale!

Though I will not be attending this bake sale (I will be in Coachella!!!) I hope all of you that live in the Phoenix area can make it. I am hoping to find time to make ice cream and ice cream sandwiches for the event. Bring your money and hungry tummies too!

15 March 2012

A Lady, Even At Eighty

Recently my beautiful an amazing grandmother turned eighty years old! Eighty, can you believe it? I would only be so lucky to live so long and look so great. I wanted to plan something fun for her birthday, but I also wanted it to be an experience she would remember for always. Since I was little I thought of my grandma as one classy broad, she never left the house without lipstick, never used curse words and she was always gracious and polite. I totally picked up those qualities from her...yeah right, ha ha! Even though I may be lacking in grace, my grandmother still loves me and is indeed very proud of me. Pretty much since last March when she turned 79, I began pondering what I would do for such a fantastic lady that raised me as her own child. One day as I was thinking of her I saw for a split second her dressed to the nines and drinking out of a dainty cup and that is when it hit me, TEA! I will take this woman to tea! I immediately asked around for fancy tea houses when a friend told me that the Ritz-Carlton does a traditional tea time.

In December I made reservations, informed the Ritz that I was Vegan and then began to count down the days. Flash forward to March 3rd, I show up in a lacy dress with my sister to my Grandmother's house, scoop her up and deliver her to the fanciest of lady brunches this woman has ever seen! Our host for tea is a world traveler and had an amazing array of teas, not to mention tea infused vodkas to make the most incredible "champ-tea-ni's! The plating was gorgeous, the food divine and the whole time we were there a beautiful woman played on a grand piano less than 10 feet from us. The tea service lasted for a little over two hours and the three of us had a lovely time.

My fancy face. I even bought blush for this occasion, I have never worn blush in my life! :)

A bit of a blurry pic, taken with my phone. My grandma does not look 80, seriously she looks incredible!

My sister enjoying a spot of tea

my fizzy champ-tea-ni in all of its glory

beautiful tea set

my Vegan dessert tray

My grandma and sister's desserts, beautiful huh?

delicious Vegan scones

my super tasty lunch

The chef at the Ritz was eager to cook an all Vegan meal as his wife recently became Vegan and he wanted to try out some of her new favorite meals. The strawberry and basil balsamic salad was ah-mazing an the grilled watermelon was smokey and almost didn't taste like watermelon. I was impressed. The best by far was the strawberry cupcake with a vanilla pudding filling and the fluffiest, creamiest frosting I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I will definitely be getting dolled up more often to enjoy these delicious delicacies again.

14 March 2012

An Absence

My presence has not been known for a great deal on this blog. I had promised before to update as frequently as possible, even if I didn't have anything fresh to write about, no new recipes or if no extremely photogenic opportunities passed my way. A little note to say hello would suffice, but I haven't even managed to do that. My passion for writing, creating and enjoying most things was greatly diminished this last December and I am just now beginning to see remnants of the old me come to surface. I have had vivid dreams of myself painting incredibly vibrant and happy images and having the feeling of accomplishment in doing so. I think this is a sign that I am ready to embrace happiness once more. I know that this may be a bit dramatic to those that don't know me very well or were unaware of my heartbreak in December. I wouldn't expect most to know as I kept to myself. I had to do something I knew I would eventually have to but never wanted ever to do. I had to put an end to the suffering of my best friend and if there is such a thing as an animal soul mate, my sweetest companion Adelaide.

Addie was the best dog I had ever met. The sweetest pup with the most unbelievable heart. She loved unconditionally, and I myself only wish I could be as accepting as she was. I think of her everyday and I still cry very often when I do think of her. She was my light and the greatest part of me. I miss her as one misses a lost limb, I will never be fully recovered. For those who do not have animal companions I know this may seem silly, but I have never wanted children, I prefer to have furry friends. Adelaide was my child and I loved her so.

I do not intend for this post to upset anyone just explain my absence. I will be returning to the blogging world, I just needed a moment to catch my breath time to reflect on what is most important to me. I hope I am welcome back here in the world of those with a creative voices and ability to make magic out of food, clothes, canvas and blank computer screens. I have missed you.

my tribute to Adelaide