09 February 2010

Last Week in Photos

Went for a wonderful bike ride with Bonnie.


We ate at In Season Deli.

I made Indian food,

baked cupcakes for a taste test for farmers market,

Timmy made lasagna,

I made Chai Scones.

Timmy, Tim, Bonnie and I ate dinner at Fresh Mint.

Dessert of Banana Fritters and Mango Tapioca.

Yum, Kabobs!

Boys get the bill and girls get weird alien toys.

Tim played with his food!

That was pretty much it besides working, baking a blueberry coffee cake, meeting Timmy's family from Michigan, getting my hair done pretty by Shaya, hanging out with Dan and Melissa, making a yummy salad from Thrive and finally watching the new Terminator movie. My week was awesome, how was yours?


  1. what a fantastic week you had! you met tim's parents!? yay :). i have to tell you, i am almost fully satisfied JUST by looking at the pictures of the food you have made. i smell the indian spices --sweet, biting-- and the frosting of the cupcakes, well, makes me feel like i am relaxing in a bubblebath. it's so wonderful to read you hear, my friend :). oh! where and what is "fresh mint?"

  2. At which farmers' market will you be selling your goodies? I might want to swing by and try some delicious cupcakes.