21 December 2009


I love food, I mean I REALLY love food. I work at Trader Joe's and stare at food all day. I share recipes and hug old ladies. At home I bake goodies and hug puppies. I have been Vegan for about two years now and really I am learning new tricks of the trade daily. My future goal is to do as my Grandmother once did and own a bakery, a Vegan bakery. Although she is a traditional baker she has come to enjoy the wonders of a good vegan cookie, pie or cake. She gets teary-eyed whenever I state that she is my biggest influence, my favorite friend and my hero, so hopefully she has a tissue near by if reading this. I hope I do everyone right by this blog. I hope to entertain, help those with deep rumbleys in their tumbleys and share some wonderful and tasty recipes.

1 comment:

  1. It was really nice to meet you yesterday. Your blog is great. I look forward to seeing some great vegan baked goods in your future posts. We occassionally have a PPK vegan potluck in the area. I'll let you know when we plan the next one!