24 April 2010

A Job Well Done

I am sure you all know the joys of a job well done, the feeling of a pat on the back, the warmth of a congratulatory hand shake and the sweet sound of praise. Last night as I prepared for the Coffee, Cookies and Crafts Fair I was overcome with the anxious self doubts. The little girl inside of me that worries endlessly about the little things. That little girl kept me awake all night with all kinds of what ifs. What if my gluten free cupcakes don't taste well to others, I like them, but hey, not everyone is me. What if I run out of samples before the day is done (which I did, but it was okay) or what if I become a rambling idiot when someone asks me a question. "Hey lady, I just wanted to know the flavors, not every ingredient and the prep work involved." All those silly little things that can drive a little ol' lady cupcake insane. Thankfully, everything turned out perfect. I arrived on time (a miracle really since the freeway was closed) my set-up looked great, the people were friendly and gave out compliments like free kittens, and the Vegan Bake Sale attracted everyone there. A great day, and a job well done. Here are some photos of the fun things I saw and the yummy things I shoved into my face.

adorable sign at the entrance

the set up

very vanilla cupcakes

Urban Cookies of Phoenix

Check out that flavor combo! Sign made by chef's 5 year old daughter, super cute!

As I mentioned the Craft fair was held at Bragg's Pie Factory and the Mutant Pinata installation was still there and I got to get a few more photos this time. These pinatas are nuts! I would not want to bust into them...well unless they were filled with yummy vegan goodies. (:

by the highly talented Mike Maas

There were some very talented vendors there as well. It is always great to see people getting recognition for their hand made goods. I love to purchase hand made items as I love one of a kind, unique items to adorn my house or person and also to give as gifts to my loved one.

soaps by Strawberry Hedgehog

"stuffies" by Jennifer Syfu she even sells little plush teeth!

the cutest stuff ever! Stanley Moon

And as mentioned in yesterday's blog there was a World Wide Vegan Bake Sale event at Bragg's as well. There were quite a few nummies for one to choose from. Cookies, brownies, cupcakes galore, and all kinds of delicious confections. I bought a little of everything and I am going to enjoy them all when I finish this little blog entry...ooooo I cannot wait!

my gluten free oooey gooey brownies

I would also like to mention I met a fellow blogger Chelsea from Tea Talk. Both she and her boyfriend Scott are very friendly and as cute as can be. I also was surprised when my sweet Shana came to check out my sweets. he is a lovely, amazing girl who I could give endless hugs to! She also has a blog and she is gorgeous, so check her out shiner.

Shana and me


  1. All of that looks so amazing! =)

  2. Awesome! Sounds like a great time and I am glad that you ran out (it means that everyone was liking them!).
    Also- yay! for meeting blog friends!

  3. Good job! Thanks for all your hard work for AAWL. :)

  4. How awesome. I want those gooey brownies. You have mad talents!

  5. I will definitely be at the bake sale on the first! I wanted to get to this one, but I was having a "date" with my dad :) I would love to meet you in person, and of course vegan treats will lure me anywhere :)

  6. You and your goodies are amazing. Thank you so much for your generosity! Here are some more pics http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=215697&id=136236756279&page=4

  7. Hiiiii! I didn't realise you had a blog, it's great!

    And nice work on the baking, I know that nervous feeling the night before and it's great when everything works out :)

  8. Courtney is so awesome! I am so happy I met her in this wide world of blogs :)
    I LOVE Pita Jungle. My fave is either the Garden Wrap or the Macro Platter. Although, I am pretty obsessed with the Sauted Mushrooms too!

  9. Geeza it all looks so tasty!!! I LOVE that giant vampire!
    How fun everything looks!!

  10. Hey pumpkin! I think you would make a great bff! I could email you back with my answers if you want :) I'm glad you applied. Considermydear@rocketmail.com