15 April 2010

Coffee, Cookies and Crafts

On April 24th I will be giving out yummy samples of my cupcakes and other treats at the Coffee, Cookies and Crafts event in Phoenix at Bragg's Pie House. There will be an awesome set up of coffee and sugary goodness to fuel the fun to be had at the crafting sections. There will be a craft swap (so bring in materials you may not need, want or be using to trade with others) a kids section and the Lost Boys of Phoenix will be there selling their clay cows to benefit the Lost Boy Foundation. Also the Mutant Pinata show will still be on display and if you haven't seen it yet, you need to!

mutant pinata


  1. Awesome! I'm happy to hear you will be there. There will be a vegan bake sale going on as well if you're up for donating any of your goods to benefit the AZ Animal Welfare League! http://strawberryhedgehog.com/2010/04/09/charity-vegan-bake-sale-bakers-needed/ v

  2. Hi Rikki! I don't think I have introduced myself yet, but if I have I promis I am just forgetful not schizo :) Anyway, I am friends with Courtney over at You Will. Won't You. She said I should look you up. I too am a vegan and I live in Mesa AZ. I am in love with all of the pictures of your delicious food! I didn't really start cooking until I became vegan a year ago and I am still learning as I go. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting to know you :)

    ps. Thrive, and its recipes, are so awesome! We have the original book, not the fitness one, and we LOVE it.