07 April 2010

Springtime giddiness

Timmy and I have been overjoyed that our garden is showing the first signs of life. When we first planted our seedlings we were proud little parents going outside watering, talking, sharing our future plans. We had named the tomato plant Sarah Plain and Tall, told the basil how dashing he was and even promised the squash a new original recipe with it a the main star. Our fingers were crossed and we dove right in to this whole urban gardening thing, and to our dismay we were born with the blackest of thumbs. Things sprouted, oh yes, but they died as soon as they were born. I became depressed, our outlook was bleak. I had been driven to begging people for gardening tips, asking them to come over and fix our cemetery plots meant to be gardens of life, but nothing seemed to work.

Then like magic, like a green goddess spread her mystical compost on us, things started to bloom. We have not yet produced a tomato, nor a squash but things are looking up. Life is beginning here in this Tempe house.

All organic, all the time baby!


  1. Hey there! My name is Crystal and I stumbled across your blog. I love it and I will definitely be follwing.

    I have a question for you though. What type of soil are you using to grow your plants? I live in Phoenix and have a hard time finding something organic. I am also just starting my little garden and it's doing ok but I have some tomato plants that need planting and I was looking for some organic soil to mix in. Just curious. Hope to hear from ya!

  2. I think we got organic soil at Lowe's but I am sure other places carry it. We also compost and use that as soil a lot. Check out phoenixpermacultureguilde.com they offer classes for gardening/composting/raising chickens you name it! There are tours too of people's urban gardens. Super cool!