28 April 2010

World Wide Vegan Bake Sale

As the World Wide Vegan Bake Sale weeks are coming to an end, my new friend Kim at the Vegan Conversion Challenge has partnered up with me to make the most spectacular Vegan Bake Sale event to ever hit the desert. She is a master in the kitchen and with her incredible knife/spatula/whisk wielding abilities she will be making some of the most mouth watering, soul pleasing cookies around. Additional bakers will be my friend Zoey of Phoenix, the raw goddess Julia of Mesa, the master baker Emily of Tempe and my newest Vegan pal Tracy from way out in the boonies somewhere (Maricopa). Together we will be come together to be a fearsome group of females baking to save the universe and Boston Terriers. We are one step away from super heroes, all we need are capes and some super cool knee length boots.

The event is being held at Loveland Boutique in Tempe and the proceeds will be going to the Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue.

The yummies will include cup-pies (mini pies), fudge, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, focaccia bread, bars and even treats for doggies. I have the next four days off and I will be in the kitchen whipping up some of my finest creations yet. As you can tell I am super excited and cannot wait for Saturday! I hope to see some of you there!

All my love,
Rikki Cupcake!

Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale at Loveland Boutique in Tempe, May 1!!!!

Check out our mascot - Lil' Beans.

Lil' Beans was found abandoned in the parking lot of an apartment complex emaciated and terrified. He was lucky enough to find a wonderful foster family, and even luckier when they fell in love with him and decided he would be a permanent part of their family. Not all furry babies are this lucky. We want to change that by supporting Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue so that more of these beautiful babies can be as lucky as Lil' Beans. This picture below was taken shortly after he was saved.

Hey Bakers and Lovers of baked goods!!!

I'm so excited that we have finally made it official. The Tempe edition of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale is coming:

Where? Loveland Boutique, 107 E Baseline Rd. A-3, Tempe, AZ 480-456-8610

When? Saturday, May 1, from 11am - 4pm or when we run out of the goodies.

All proceeds to benefit Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue. Help us save these adorable, sweet, babies from abuse, neglect, and worse.

There will be an incredible selection of vegan baked goods: cookies, cupcakes, bars, pies, cakes and other treats. Bring your veg and non-veg friends alike! They will thank you for turning them on to such awesome sweet sensations.

Check out Lil' Beans Now! He is happy, healthy and oh so loved.


  1. Ugh! I swear I cry whenever I read stories about animals being abandoned or something like that. It just hurts my heart so much.
    I hope that Katie gets to go the this Bake Sale! Take photographs of the two of your together to send to me pretty please!
    I hope you guys make a lot of money for the organization! I wish I could be there.

  2. I'm super excited too. I'm working my last graveyard tonight then when I wake up it is baking mania!!!!

    I have a shirt for you. I think it is going to be a bit big on you, but it is cool! It's the herbivore Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale shirt. I will give you a call tomorrow so I can get it to you.

    Love your write up!

  3. Oh Man, I am so excited for this bake sale. I can't believe that I get to eat, help adorable puppies and meet you all on the same day! I am going to have to limit myself on the consumption of vegan deliciousness.
    Courtney, I will take one for the team and try something for you too :)

  4. Check out this link, I think you'll particularly like image #6 ;c)