30 July 2010

Chihuahua Tummy Pump

Yep, out little Eleanor Smalls (Ellie Mae Chihuahua) had to have her stomach pumped yesterday. She go into Adelaide's seizure medication and ate about 10 pills, luckily we caught her before she could do more damage to herself and her teeny tiny six pound body. She is doing fine, she had her treatment last night and today she is as fit as a fiddle...did I really say fit as a fiddle? How old am I? Anywho she is doing great but I on the other hand am wracked with guilt. It is my fault she go into the pills. Adelaide's medication comes to us via UPS and the pharmacy always sends a dog toy. The girls are incredibly smart and when they see the package from UPS they know a special prize is waiting for them. So without thinking, I opened the box, chucked the pills aside and pulled out the new toy and let the fun and games begin. I left the medication on the coffee table then proceeded to run around the house with their fuzzy new bone, tossing it in the air, under one leg, around my side, in the sheer elation of sharing in something exciting with my baby girls. Timmy and I went to the store over an hour later to get kitty cat food, and that is when Ellie got into the medication. We arrived home to her puking on the couch a nasty yellow and green substance and then saw the pills all over the living room floor. I almost had a heart attack. Luckily I developed a cool as a cucumber calm and called all of the necessary people (pharmacist, animal poison control and our vet) and got the whole issue resolved. So let this be a lesson learned through my foolish mistake to be conscience of your surroundings and of harmful things within your pet's reach. Also if anything like this does happen contact the Animal Poison Control Center immediately!

don't feed your dogs cupcakes either...


  1. Aww! I'm glad that nothing terrible came of this. Your doggies are so cute.

  2. Aww I am glad shes doing better now. How very scary to come to something like that..I don't think I would have handled it as calm as you

  3. What a relief that she is ok!

  4. Pooooor Ellie! You guys have had some bad health luck at casa de Riik and Tim. I am sending over some good juju to make you all 100%. Of course, my healthy juju may not be that effective, as we spent the other night in the E.R. :)

  5. Oh no!! :( Poor thing!
    I hope she's better now!