11 July 2010

The World is a Beautiful Place

I am so overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness from complete st angers who attended our Vegan Bake sale yesterday. We earned 976 dollars for the Raven House and my heart is filled with pride knowing how many gracious people live in Arizona. I made new friends, had great conversations and brought the smile to the face of a little girl with both celiacs and a soy allergy, she was able to enjoy a gluten free coconut brownie that I made and that just reaffirmed why I want to open a bakery. I want to provide cruelty free goodies to everyone, this includes people with allergies and issues with certain foods. Thank you to everyone who volunteered, made wonderful treat, purchased these wonderful treat and spread the word. There was a lot of networking going down for this bake sale and word of mouth made all of this possible. OK, enough of this, bring on the photos!

these are just a few items I made, to see more check out my flickr

the donated goodies from a few awesome others, this is not all of the photos, but I didn't want to inundate everyone with photos of yummy goodness


  1. oh my goodness! they all look so delicious. I think I wanna try bake some baklavas for myself now.

  2. They look amazing Rikkir (like always!)and I am so happy that you guys were able to make that much money. Awesome. Just plain awesome.

  3. Everything was awesome. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  4. Yay!!! you worked so hard and it SO paid off, thank you, Rikki!!! P.S. I got home and added in the "change" I originally brought, plus the checks and recalculated and apparently I am crazy -- we actually raised $1,114!! *falls over dead*