04 July 2010

Blog Awards

First and foremost I would like to thank little baby Jesus for making all of this possible, I would like to thank my moms, and oh wait, this is not that kind of award...woopsie! Ha! Little baby Jesus, I love saying that. I was nominated by two very lovely ladies Courtney and Beckie. I am sure you know them both, but if not I suggest you check out their blogs and make some new hip friends. There are some rules that come with this award (a few little strings attached, but kinda a fun thing.) rule 1: thank the person who nominated you.

1. I will thank Courtney first, because she awarded my blog yesterday but I was too lazy to post about it until just now. (: Courtney is awesome and I have a bit of a girl crush on her, but don't tell her OK? Then there is Beckie who could be my style twin, she is cute, clever and fun to email.

Rule #2 Share 7 things about yourself

1. I used to work at a porno store. Yep almost 10 years ago I was in the biz. I just told Josh and Katie this last night and Josh thought I was making up stories when I told them about things that happened while I worked there and the movies I saw during my employment there. I worked there for about a year and then quit with like seven other employees. It was fun and crazy and sometimes really creepy working there. The god thing is that job taught me how to stick up for myself. I was confronted with many an uncomfortable situation but handled all of them with strength and confidence.

2. I have a band tattoo. I am that loser with a band logo tattooed on her forearm. I am a walking billboard. The only problem, this band is not my favorite band and in fact I really haven't liked their last three or four albums. I did go to one of their shows recently and thought they were starting to look old, they were sloppy and everyone else at the show was 16. I will say though when I look at my tattoo I remember being 17 and sitting in my bedroom singing along to all of their songs and feeling like for the first time in my life someone else felt the same as I did in that moment of my life. And for that I will be forever grateful.

3. My sister, my friends Ryan and Jeremiah and ex-husband all have the same band tattoo. You may have noticed something in that last sentence. So number three... I was married before. I am a divorcee. But it is cool. Just like having tall bangs in the eighties it is something I wish I hadn't done, but it makes me who I am today.

4. I like Courtney, do not EVER want to have children. I have no patience for children. They are cute and silly but they are cuter when admired from a distance, a very far distance. I do have friends who have wonderful children and their kids love me, but I think that i because I am a child myself. This is not something that will change when I get older. My grandmother has come to accept this, so she calls Addie and the others her furry grandchildren.

5. Speaking of my grandma, I was raised by my grandparents. My sister and I both went into their custody when our mom died, I was three and my sister ten. So, if I ever say ice box or davenport, you know why. Grandparents have the funniest slang.

6. I love chocolate. I could eat it everyday, all day. I also love coffee. I could bathe in it while eating a chocolate bar. Yummy!

7. I am tall for a girl. I am not a giant but all of my girl friends are smaller than I am. I have large feet too. ugh...I have a hard time finding cute shoes that fit me.

ok, I am not THAT tall

Now I have to award 15 other blogs...so here it goes

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Get ready ladies...


  1. I LOVE that you used to work at a pron store! When I was in high school a had many friends that worked there (I never had friends my age...) and I would visit them and hang out and run into people who I knew; they would be generally embarrased but not me! Who cares! (I love Bettie too...I have a huge watercolor pin-up of her hanging in my office! She has a dress on.)
    I love your Alkaline Trio tattoo...I don't have one but sooo many of my friends here in Chicago do (go figure!) but seriously...they have changed. I like that tattoos remind you of who you used to be. Don't be ashamed of that! Ever.
    I am always so interested in people who have been married and divorced because, for me, marriange never entered my mnd until that last couple years or so. Tons of people get divorced. As long is Timmy is cool with it that's all that matters, right?
    Speaking of bathing in chocolate I have been meaning to send you this jar of chocolate vegan yummyness for bathtime...I told Katie I was packing a flat rate box for the two of you so that I can send you ladies tons of stuff without it costing me a million dollars; I hope that it cool with you!
    (p.s. I am a shortie short girl. I am 5'3" or 5'4" on a good day...Nektarios is a full foot taller than me when he isn't doing his 'I've lead an awkward childhood' slump.
    Ok...sorry for the long comment!
    P.P.S. I would love for that other person so join our V-con endeavor! Are they from AZ too? Man...I really need to get out there.

  2. Alkaline Trio is still and will always be mhy favorite band, and I have the heart and skull tattoo on my right elbow! It's kinda huge! But, hey, they are the only band whose music made me feel good, so I will never regret it =) I have huge feet too, but I'm not very tall, so I think that sucks! ha Last, I too love chocolate and Coffee, which could be why I have sticked 5 years with Starbucks just to get my free pound of coffee weekly! Ha

    It's really awesome to read your blog and to continue reading it and finding out how much more rad you are is not that bad either =)

  3. I also have a band tattoo! But mine is the bouncing souls heart.Im just like you, stopped really listening to them but I do love the feeling the tattoo gives me when I think back about my high school days...listening to punk music and trying to be a rebel haha

  4. Thanks for the award girlie!!!!