08 March 2011


I should really consider myself lucky, as this is the first pair of glasses I have broken in over five years, and considering how I am not very careful with my face, it is almost a miracle! Sunday evening my good friend Jinia was trying to strip the green from my hair and in walked Willow (the most awesome and adorable five year old on the planet) and I hear this crazy loud crunch and realize...holyfuckingshit there go my glasses. I am incredibly blind and the thought of even going five minutes without my glasses is a most horrifying though indeed. Luckily Jinia is super crafty and super glued my specs until I can get a new pair.

As silly as it is, I ordered the exact pair of frames because I am a big Paul Frank dork and because these glasses are over the top rad, right? You've seen 'em, you know how cool they are. Anywho, I am hoping to be one-hundred percent visually repaired in about a week or so.

super awesome Paul Frank glasses

Do any of you have glasses? If so, what kind of crazy things have happened to yours? I have heard of them falling in toilets, being run over by bicycles and the like. Please share your story so I can tell Willow, and hopefully she won't feel so bad. (:

Rikki Cupcake


  1. Oh gosh, could you BE any cuter?!?!

    I want to hug your face


  2. I lost a pair of glasses. I forgot I had them on and just jumped in the ocean and guess what. LOST THEM. They were my fav ones ugh. Oh well they are now with mother nature.


  3. Yep...I've done it all...when I was a youngster I drank to much alcohol then threw up so hard my glasses went flying off into the throw up...I never did find those glasses, come to think of it! Now that I'm elderly...I don't do to much to risk the harming of my eyewear! Glad you got the same pair...those are so lovely on you! You look super cute in that pic!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. yay! I should receive my new frames tomorrow, then off to the land of eye doctors I go!

  5. When I worked at a comics and vintage toys shop we had all the boxes for items in the case up high on a shelf, so I used to wear my glasses with one arm tucked into the front pocket of my jeans. One night a customer came in and I quickly went around the counter to get an item for them and *SNAP* the only thing left in my pocket was the arm of the glasses! I was supposed to go to a concert in Boston the next day and knew I would miss the show without my peepers. I then had to fight with the woman at Lense Crafters to make me a pair of glasses and after a very pursuasive phone conversation with my mom I walked away with a cute pair of glasses. I need to go for an eye exam...