22 March 2011

Cupcakes And Art

This last weekend was pretty darn amazing. I made cupcakes for two very different but equally fantastic art events. The first was Friday night celebrating the second anniversary of Vanity On Mill and the incredible artist opening for local Arizona artist Jared Aubel.
Here are some photos from that event:

Bloods VS Crips Deer by Jared Aubel

Endless Bummer by Jared Aubel

baby cupcakes made by me!

the most amazing cupcake stand provided by the Cake Hole Poject

Then on Saturday I was off to Modified Arts in Phoenix for phICA's inagural event with Brazilian artist Laerte Ramos. After the event Ted Decker from phICA and Kim Larkin from Modified Arts were kind enough to have Timmy and I out for drinks and tasty hors d'oeuvres, as Kim is Vegan also we were able to nosh on some tasty foods. We got a chance to hang with Laerte and learn about his life in Brazil and what things are to come from this extremely talented artist.

Arma Branca by Laerte Ramos

Ceramic work by Laerte Ramos

more cupcakes!


  1. I saw these in your flickr and was waiting for the story behind them! Everything looks so amazing (and I really love the Blood Vs. Crips Deer Paintings!)
    Great job you amazing baker you!

  2. i love those deer! and the cupcakes look pretttttty tasty!

  3. Beautiful! You NEED that cupcake stand. Did you get to keep it?? It is such a perfect display for your gorgeous little cakies. :c)

  4. That definitely wins the award for most unique and creative cupcake stand- Sure beats the pants off of my fairly standard cupcake tree!

  5. thanx for the wonderful share...STC Technologies