24 March 2011

Day at the Park

Last week Willow and I discovered a wonderful little park in my neighborhood and in the last week have gone there four times to play, feed the ducks, walk the dogs and check out turtles. This park is pretty small but packs quite a tranquil and serene landscape into such a tiny are, and since it is in the middle of a neighborhood, it is very quiet. Willow climbs all over the slide and runs around the playground like a crazy and I get to sit and chill with the dogs and a book, how awesome is that? I have been babysitting Willow for the last two weeks and we have had some fun adventures, but the park has been the best so far!

crappy cell phone pic

Willow, isn't she the cutest?

Ellie watching Willow on the swing set

Adelaide being adorable per her usual

I seriously think this will be my new hangout. If you need to find me, I will be at the park eating oranges, possibly blogging, tanning my feet and reading feminist novels. Timmy and I went here on a Saturday and it was packed, so I think I will stick to weekdays for my quiet time.

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