24 March 2010

I Love Cake!

Whenever I am asked to bake a cake for some celebration or another, I become a mixed bag of emotions. The first is nervousness, the fear of the cake not being perfect, because honestly, I want to make the most wonderful cake for someone just to highlight how special they are. Then I have the great feeling of elation when I have decided what to make and have an idea of how to make it. Coming up with winning flavor combinations and building layers of tastiness and art make me feel great. There is the zen of baking and the chaos of construction that can make everyone of my muscles ache as if I have just performed in a marathon, but it is all worth it. In the end when I deliver a cake and I see that person's eyes light up and their tummy give an audible nod of appreciation, I am renewed. I feel accomplished.


  1. Look at that strawberry explosion! I would be so excited at getting that for my birthday that all other presents would fade into insignificance! Truly awesome. Nice one RC. :)

  2. Again, another fantastic creation! Amazing.