16 June 2010

Happy Fun Times

Yesterday Timmy and I were very pleased to share our evening with Katie and Josh. This is our second dinner with them and we had copious amounts of good times. Josh helped Timmy with his broken arm cook tofu on the grill along with kebabs. Meanwhile Katie and I stayed inside where it was air conditioned and cut veggies and fruits. It was really great to spend time with them. Nothing beats good food and good friends. Here are some photos from our night o' fun!

Timmy, Josh an Katie

watermelon, strawberries and summer squash


bbq tofu sammies, roasted sweet potatoes, grilled yellow squash and kebabs

Apples to Apples!

their first time

Just waiting to put down that Oprah Winfrey card

Timmy after three glasses of wine

gifts from Katie

so darn cute!


  1. We had such a great time too! I am excited to come celebrate your birthday with you tomorrow :)