04 June 2010

Katie Made Me Do It!

1. Where do you see yourself five years from now? Married to Timmy and running my very own Vegan bakery, "Adelaide's" named after my precious dog-face. I want to make cupcakes, cookies, pies, cheesecakes, scones, muffins, candy, macarons, all of it.

home made vegan donut

2. What is your favorite food in the world? hands down, chocolate. raw cacao, 72% dark chocolate, chocolate cookies, chocolate chips, semi-sweet...all of it!

3. If you have any pets what are their names? 2 kitties, Simon and Spoon, two doggies, Adelaide and Ellie

Ellie Mae Chihuahua

Adelaide Ladybird Hale

Spoon Love Utensil

Simon P. Lampshade

4. What is your dream job? it is where I see myself in 5 years

5. Have you been in love? yes! I am in love with Timmy, I am in love with my furry children, I am in love with the sunset, I am in love with my bike. Enamoured may as well be my middle name

who couldn't love this kid?

6. What do you do to protect the earth? organic, Vegan, bike-riding localvore

7. Ten people you would invite to a dinner party in a forest with great music? I am going to make this a dream dinner and say Joan Jett (coolest Vegan ever!) Jason Schwartzman, Dorthey Parker, John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, (sorry Ringo) Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Art Tatum, my mom and Timmy. Most of these people are dead but I think they would make great with the food (Isa is the Vegan queen!) there would be plenty of great music (Schwartzman, 3/4 the Beatles, Jett, Tatum) and amazing dinner conversation (thank you Ms. Parker) and lastly it would be great if Timmy and my mom could meet.

8. Tell me something nice you did for someone recently... I don't do nice things. I am nefariously cold-hearted. I once kicked a small child because I could.

1. What is one thing you do that is childlike? ask me one thing I do adult like and you will get a shorter response.

2. What is one of the most embarrassing moments of your life? I embarrass myself daily because shhhhh.... don't tell...I like it.

3. If you could take an all expenses paid trip anywhere in the world, where would it be? New Zealand so Timmy and I can tie our knots

4. What is your favorite thing to do to relax? rhymes with trucking, ha got you! I was going to say clucking as in like a chicken. Now if only I could think of a word to rhyme with orgasm...hmmmmm. floor spasm?

5. What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done? Did you regret it? the morning of my birthday least year, I woke up and decided to ask Tim to marry me. Ran all over town looking for a ring...it was crazy. He said yes and I would never regret that.

6. What is your favorite genre of music? skiffle. um no really it would have to be American music and by that I mean Jazz, Blues, Old Country, Motown and Bluegrass. The British may have had the Beatles but we have Coltrane, Cash, Leadbelly, the Stanley Brothers and the Funk Brothers.

7. What is your favorite movie of all time? Alice In Wonderland the animated version, I have loved it since I was like 5 and I will continue loving it until I die.
8. If you had a chance to meet anyone dead or alive who would it be? Jesus, I heard he was HILARIOUS! (Thank you Willow)


  1. It was fun to read more about ya!! :)

  2. You and Timmy take the best 'couple photos' ever! They are always so funny and awesome.
    My favorite part was probably 'floor spasm'

    P.S. What recipe is the doughnuts from?

  3. Clucking!!! Hahahaha. Now I am going to start laughing at an inopportune time.
    Josh is going to be so sickly excited that you like old country. You should see his ipod, I think it is sad, but you will love it :)

  4. This was fun! :c) You are even more adorable now that I know a bit more about you!

  5. Your bio made me feel all happy about people...and cute animals. Thanks for sharing.