30 June 2010

Taking on the V-Con Pt. 3

I know, today is Wednesday, which means I was supposed to post my Veganomicon recipe challenge yesterday. The funny thing about yesterday, it was bloody hot as hell outside and after my bike ride home from work I turned into a liquid puddle on the couch. I have said it before but Arizona in the summer is horribly cruel. For anyone who hasn't been to Arizona in the summer months try placing your head in a hot oven and see why no one in their right mind lives here in June or July. Which reminds me, yesterday I saw a bumper sticker on an extremely large truck that read, "...but it is a dry hate." I laughed so hard I almost peed. I am sure many of you know about the new immigration bill that passed a few months ago here in AZ and unlike our governor and sheriff, not ALL of us agree with the SB1070 bill. So even though the person drove a horrible gas guzzling vehicle I gave them a nod of approval when passing by.

Anywho...this weeks V-Con challenge was Braised Seitan with brussels sprouts, kale and sun-dried tomatoes. I am not going to lie, I wouldn't have picked this recipe myself, even though kale and brussels sprouts are my most favorite of the green veggies it is just (once again) way too hot to be making anything in the kitchen. Luckily nothing had to go into the oven but cooking anything in the summer months here is asking for some sweaty under garments. I know, I am a big baby, I hate being hot, I dislike being stinky but I powered through it. I let the steam fog up my glasses and I ate a warm fall meal in summer. It was tasty, Timmy had two bowls but I think I would have appreciated more if I were eating it in November. I think my taster palette is broken, Courtney said hers had an overwhelming taste from the red wine, whereas I barely tasted the wine in my version. I also thought it could have used more seasonings. I served mine with wild rice but I think in November I will serve it with butternut or spaghetti squash. Hmmmm squash.. om nom nom nom.

So here is the ingredient list and here are my photos...

2 T Olive Oil
6 Shallots
2 C Seitan
1/2 Pound of Brussels Sprouts, quartered
4 Garlic Cloves
1/2 t Dried Thyme
1/2 t Dried Basil
1/2 t Dried Tarragon
1/2 C Sun-Dried Tomatoes
2 C Vegetable Broth
1/4 C Red Wine
4 C Kale

chop up your prepared seitan and saute in olive oil with shallots, saute until golden brown

after that add in the brussels, garlic, the seasonings and saute a few more minutes, then add sun-dried tomatoes

then add in the broth and red wine

let the kale simmer down now, simma down naw!

eat it up, yum!


  1. Word- totally a fall/winter item but like you, if Katie didn't suggest it I probably would never have tried this! I am so glad that I did thought because it was on nom nom. Maybe next time you can try fresh herbs? I think that helped mine (even though it was a bit 'wine-y' become quite flavorful. Word on the street is that desert is coming up next week...You are going to dominate that!

  2. FWAP! I know you got one from Courney but your too cool to pass up :)

  3. Great to see you yesterday, cutie pie!


  4. That looks so good... You've totally got me craving brussel sprouts now! Arg, if only they were in season...