09 June 2010

random photos of the week

I am being lazy, please forgive me. I have done all kinds of fun and silly things this week but instead of writing about them I would rather give a visual story of all the fun.

My friend Andi and I drove to Phoenix to check out Luci's Healthy Marketplace. The sign above her head is awesome, it reads, "If you want the best seat in the house...MOVE the dog." Best sign of the day. (:

The coffee at Luci's was amazing and the staff was so friendly.

After Luci's we went back to Andi's house for a dip in the pool and for some doggie cuddling. This is Beijing and she is super duper sweet.

I made cupcakes for a baby shower. As silly as it sounds, I had never heard of confetti cupcakes and when asked to make these I was completely confused. The Timmy informed me of the Pillsbury boxed cake mix with colorful sprinkles in them. I wonder if these are the only Vegan confetti cupcakes made, since it is not the most "gourmet" of cupcakes. I did make a large cake first to see how it turned out, it was good, but very basic.

I was very happy with the way the cupcake frosting turned out. Very bright.

My friend Alyssa and I went to Conspire coffee on National Doughnut Day to get Vegan doughnuts but they did not have any. *sigh*

I settled for just an amazing cup of soy latte goodness.

I got dressed up for the occasion, doughnuts are a big deal. (:

And today I went to the gym with Bonnie but did not take photos because that would just be odd. Um, why is there a girl in spandex taking photos of everyone sweating on the gym equipment? We also stopped off at Loveland and I fell in love with a new dress, bunnies, kitties and unicorns on the fabric. That dress was screaming for me to take it home, so maybe tomorrow I will stop in and see how it fits. Oh and only 9 more days until...My birthday!


  1. love the colors on those cupcakes! very pretty! your outfit is cute too : ]

  2. Oh I love that sign! Must check out that place sometime!

    PS Sorry about the no vegan donuts thing :[ Those are so good too! Also, your outfit is adorable! Love your shoes!

  3. I *almost* was going to Vegas this weekend and had a trip to Ronald's Donuts for vegan donuts planned. It was mandatory. Alas, no trip for me.

  4. Ugh-you are the cutest thing around!
    I hope the doggie went swimming with you ladies too.

    Oh yeah-confetti cupcakes! I made those for my nephew once too...it totally has to be a kid/kid related thing because I never think "Fuck, you know what I could use right now? A confetti cupcake."
    They look great though!

    (I too was on the prowl for vegan doughnuts with my sister of all people! Alas, we did not find any...)

  5. those cupcakes look soooo good.

  6. I totally dig confetti cupcakes. Courtney has no heart because I think every day would be brighter with some confetti cupcakes. Just kidding Court!

    That picture of you is so so so cute!!! I love that outfit, and the way you are standing like a superhero :)

  7. Thise cupcakes look amazing! Confetti cupcakes are one of my favoirte, especially when I was a kid, now I just veganize the ingredents =) Love your dress! You look so pretty! Someone said Ronalds Doghnuts and now I want some!

  8. Wow everything looks awesome! Your cuppies look perfect!

    May I ask where you got those plastic carriers? I have to give some out as a gift soon and that would be super neat to give them out in those rather than just on a paper plate or something. I haven't found any place that sells them in Phoenix yet.

  9. I got the containers at ABC Cake ecorating supply in Phoenix. It is on 28th st. and Indian School. This place is amazing if you haven't been ther yet, you need to go!