16 November 2010

Portland, day 1

Tim and I took off for Portland at 4:15am. We were both tired and cranky but still pretty excited for our adventures to begin. We got to the airport so early none of the coffee shops were open yet...yikes!

here we are just you know flyin' all crazy high in an airplane

if you ever fly to Portland from Phoenix, always sit on the left side so you get a good view of Mt Hood. Beautiful!

We were starving so after Lucy picked us up the first thing we did was get breakfast. If you have been to Portland than you know there are vegan food options everywhere you turn. Vegan breakfast is a hard thing to come by in Arizona so were were hopping around like bunnies with thoughts of a good warm breakfast. We went to the Vita Cafe and stuffed food into our faces at an alarming rate.

Lucy and Timmy


There were so many different things to choose from I found it impossible to make up my mind.I eventually chose french toast because it had been quite some time since I had it and it did sound quite appetizing, and holy un-cow it was fantastic!

Timmy and I shared biscuits and gravy with biscuits so fluffy and gravy so tasty it made me think of the breakfasts my Grandma made every Sunday.

Timmy needed more biscuits in his life and had the sloppy biscuit sandwich with faux turkey and a slab of tofu. I had a taste and it was yummy!

After breakfast we went to Lucy and Kyle's adorable house and picked up Midge their super cute puppy. We drove to Mt Tabor and took a little hike and checked out all of the trees and plants that we do not witness here in the desert.


This is a normal sized leaf here

stunning, isn't it?

After that we went to the Vegan mini mall and picked up some tasty goodies to bring to our friends in Phoenix. We went to Food Fight! an all vegan grocery store and to Herbivore Clothing. I was tempted to buy one of everything but since I had only one small suitcase I had to curb my spending. I was happy to pick up some Dandies and some white chocolate from Food Fight! and some buttons and such from Herbivore.

mini mall

Later when Lucy had to go to work and Kyle was done working we went to the Bye and Bye, and all vegan bar! Fuck yeah, vegan bar!! I was so excited I failed to take pictures of our food, but I had the Weeping Tiger a super spicy tofu sandwich that was delightful and Timmy had a BBQ tofu sammie. The we got to drinking and photo taking...



We were a bit chilly but we had such an amazing first day the cold was forgotten. I love Portland and if I had it my way I would be moving there, today!


  1. Looks like you're having an amazing time! I LOVE Portland!

  2. Lucky you, going to Portland! All of the food looks great, particularly the French toast and Midge - omg so cutes!

  3. I wanna go to Portland so bad! I am glad you had fun..the places you ate at looks fantastic!

  4. I am so jealous! Also loving the green hair!

  5. I'm loving the green hair too! Lovely!! I wish I could visit Portland too..I say that..but I'd never be able to leave the doggies, and I'm a creature of comfort, so I'll just vicariously travel through your experiences instead :).
    Hearts, Janna Lynn

  6. A vegan mini mall?! Omg I need to move asap.

    I gave you an award for being so great and inspiring!


  7. Did you try the spaghetti at the Bye and Bye? It's amazing.