19 November 2010

Portland, day 3 (Proper Eats)

The third day is the most important of all! You will find out in a later post why, but until then here are some photos of Timmy and I freezing and getting ready to get some hot coffee, not even to drink, just to thaw out our hands. (:

I actually enjoyed the cold weather, I love winter clothes and layers. I love drinking hot coffee and taking really hot baths, so this weather was ideal for me. Timmy, not so much...

He was miserable and every five minutes said how he loved Arizona weather.

It was pretty rainy this day, almost a mist really, but enough to keep everything wet and slick. I thought it was very pretty, there was fog obscuring my vision of anything more than forty feet away or more that 15 feet in the sky. It was delightful. The first thing we did on Saturday was go get lunch. Lucy told us of this place called Proper Eats that had great "hippy" food. I was worried it would be all raw foods, and I was in the mood for hearty and warm. We were pleasantly surprised.

I ordered some garlic bread to get started and it was terrific!

Lucy enjoyed hers

Timmy too!

I took my first bite and fell in love! But if this was good, oh my the entrees were a delight!

Lucy and Tim shared the tempeh reuben and the bad brains burrito. They were both pleased with the outcome of their choices. The burrito had plantains, squash, black beans and all kinds of yummy goodness inside. The reuben was pretty tasty and was a nice change using tempeh instead of tofurkey.

I enjoyed the cornmeal crusted tempeh with quinoa, southern greens and a lime sour cream sauce. I ate the whole thing it was so good!

Mr. Toast!

After that we picked up kitty food and booties for Adelaide so she can run on our laminate flooring,

saw a door with many knobs and then went home to prepare...

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  1. Awesome! Now I want garlic bread.

    Hey, do you have a good vegan Dutch Apple Pie?