17 November 2010

Portland, day 2 (Back to Eden)

Oh Portland, how I love you so. You have showed me the joy of seasons, wearing multiple layers and faux cheese. I have had the pleasure of Vegan pumpkin lattes, truffles, corn dogs and reubens that it is so hard for me to sit here in Arizona typing this when all I want to do is hop on a plane and see you again. I miss you my dear city...

Ahem, uh so anyway this is what happened on day two. Timmy and I awoke thankful for our heating blankets and space heater. We dressed warmly and were dropped off on Alberta street to walk around and wander around appreciating all that Portland has to offer. Meanwhile, Lucy was delivering Meals on Wheels (isn't she amazing?) and Kyle was hard at work lubing up bike chains. So what did Timmy and I do? We ate of course at Back to Eden Bakery.

Back to Eden was amazing and the girl working there was so sweet and genuinely nice that we felt at home immediately. We ordered a large array of things and all of the food was over the top tasty!

look how cute it is inside. It is a little place but it slowly started filling up with hungry vegans looking for some good grub.

I could have eaten all of this, no really, I could have.

Pumpkin Whoopie pies and tarts, oh my!

their adorable menu, if it wasn't freezing I could have gone for some ice cream

Timmy checkin' himself out while waiting on his delicious caramel apple cider drink.

we ate a quiche with tempeh, broccoli and mushrooms. We quickly followed the quiche with...

a slice of pumpkin streusel pie. Holy fuck this was good, yes, it merits a fuck word. (:

we ate ALL of it!

Now we are happy and ready for whatever awaits us.

Stay tuned for more of day two...


  1. Did you say corn dogs?! Man, I am so dying to have a corn dog..its been soooooo long! I love your green hair by the way. You so pull it off..it would never look right on me...lucky!

  2. Ah Portland. How I miss thee!

    It was great talking to you yesterday. I will be living vicariously through you Portland posts. Le sigh.