18 November 2010

Portland, day 2 (Bridge of the Gods and Dove Vivi)

When Timmy and I ate all of our goodies at Back to Eden and Lucy was done being her awesome self with Meals on Wheels we packed a lunch and planned a day time hike. We traveled north and headed to the gorge to take in some fresh air and to hike around some gorgeous waterfalls. The only problem, it was freezing and Timmy and I have thin Arizona blood, so we ended up driving around and stopping for some photos, then piling back into the warm car.

the gorge!

These waterfalls were beautiful and the closer you got to these wonders the colder it got too. So unfortunately we didn't stay that long.

Bridge of the Gods. Portland on the left, Washington on the right. We drove into Washington, parked the car and enjoyed our field roast sandwiches. We ate half our food outside and the other half inside of a heated car. We were wussies and didn't pack nearly enough warm clothes, but thank goodness for heaters huh?

We went home added layers to our clothes then went out to dinner with Lucy and Kyle, their sweet roommate Natalie and our friend Steve. We went to Dove Vivi, the best pizza place in Portland. They offer two delicious Vegan pizzas on their menu, one with corn, cashew cheese and a roasted bbq sauce, and the other (my favorite) and eggplant, mushroom and tofu ricotta pie. They all have cornmeal crusts which make them crispy and add a fantastic texture to the dish.

not the best pictures here, but it was dark in there and I hate using my flash, so this is the end result. I can tell you though the pizzas were great, the best I have had at a restaurant.

Steve and Natalie

Lucy and Kyle

We had a really great night, and headed home a bit early to prepare for our big day, day three in Portland.

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