02 November 2010

Some Stuff

The Vegan Month Of Food is upon us and for me that means I need to actually take photos of my food and document what a Vegan eats and also share recipes of said food. The good thing is in nine days Timmy and I will be embarking on a fun filled vacation to the Vegan capitol of the world, Portland Oregon. So for whatever days I may miss and whatever details I may lack, all will be forgiven once I arrive in the Vegan mecca. That is how it works right? All of my vegan blogging sins will be washed away in the Portland rain, that is what I am told anyway. For those of you living in Phoenix, stop by and say hello to me at the Coffee, Cookies and Crafts fest this Saturday at Bragg's Pie Factory. The event goes from noon until five and there will be all kinds of great handmade treasures not to mention dozens of teeny tiny Rikki desserts. Yum yum!

And some fun Halloween photos for today and a new recipe coming tomorrow...ooooh how exciting! I cannot wait! (:


  1. OH MY GOD!!!! Your costume is perfection :)
    p.s. Can I hitch a ride to Portland in your trunk?

  2. haha I love your little cholita eyebrows..very cute!
    I didn't know Portland was the vegan capital. I have a aunt from Portland. She was complaining that there are so many vegan restaurants popping up and was complaining that all the meat restaurants were getting replaced haha now it makes sense! Portland is so beautiful and green..have fun!

  3. love the photos!! i want a a rikki dessert. those cupcakes look AMAZING!

  4. Portland?! I am so jealous! Does this mean you are going to be gone on the 14th??

  5. Just found my way here from Strawberry Cupcake - cool blog name :)
    My dad lives in Portland so I'm really hoping to get there next year sometime.
    Happy MoFo'ing.