07 March 2010

Birthday Timmy

As sneaky as Tim was tyring to be with not letting on that he had a birthday coming up, he wasn't aware of the sleuthiness (I made that word up) of his friends and super awesome fiance (me, silly). I had been planning for Timmy's birthday surprise since December and had commissioned my friend, Mike Maas, a super talented artist to create a painting of our dog Ellie for Tim's special day. I thought of the painting when Tim and I had been watching Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" when the scene with Ed (Johnny Depp) and Bella Lugosi (Martin Landau) were in Bella's house and his chihuahuas start howling and Mr. Lugosi says, "Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make." a quote from the 1931 Dracula. This scene gave Tim the giggles. This is all it took for my brain to come up with the perfect birthday gift.

"Ellie Lugosi"

He went berserk! He shouted out a few swear words and have me one monstrous hug. In other words, he loved it.

I was not the only one who had a creative and super rad present for Tim. His dear friends Lucy and Kyle in Portland shipped him vegan donuts from Voodoo Donuts and we both did a little donut dance of joy and ate them like ravenous vegans eat donuts. They were gone in two days!

ugh I am drooling just looking at these photos

Then as a b-day celebration we went out to dinner at Thai Elephant in Tempe with Celine, Dani, Bill, Marcus and Tim Moustache. Celine and Dani gave Tim a fantastic bottle of wine and Bill gave him "squat". We all came back to our house and enjoyed the chocolate, chocolate and chocolate cake I baked for the occasion.

"Dine, dine my darling"

"Turning 30 was awesome!" said Tim. Ha! Thirty, yeah right! (:

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