03 March 2010


Arizona is such a crazy place. We live in the city surrounded by mountains on all sides. When in the middle of the city all you see are the typical city scenes fast cars, freeways, convenience stores, the occasional cute kid on a bike and smog, lots of smog. But, if you try hard (and really not that hard) you can find the most wonderful and beautiful spots in this state. Timmy and I went south last weekend to Bisbee Arizona. Bisbee is an old mining town south of Tucson and it is full of charm, friendly people and a blossoming art scene.

We left Tempe after I got off from work and arrived in Bisbee as the sun was setting. The weather was a bit cooler, the air fresher and the atmosphere was calm. We checked in at the Shady Dell RV park which has been featured on the Travel Channel and is one of the hottest destination points in Arizona.

The Shady Dell has classic 50's and 60's Air Stream trailers that have been refurbished and are fully functional.

Timmy was like a kid in a candy store! He opened all of the cupboards, rummaged through the Frank Sinatra records and even poked his head in the old 1950's oven. "This place is great!" he proclaimed.

We cozied up on the couch for a bit, then headed out downtown.

even comes with an apron, this place has everything!

bathroom tile

Downtown Bisbee is a small area located a skip away from the big copper mine that is no longer in use, though if interested the mine does offers tours. We went into a few different antique stores, passed by a row of protesters (Woman in Black Protesting the War) stopped in for a great cup of coffee then went to Cafe Roka for dinner. I had made reservations and notified the staff that we were yikes...vegans! Not one person flinched at the "v" word and to our surprise the chef made us a wonderful 4 course vegan meal, it would have been 5 but vegan desserts are a hard one to master.

Our main course was tempeh on a risotto rice patty with green beans, peppers, onions and three different sauces to drizzle on top. The meal was fantastic!
Back in our trailer we had some dark chocolate and Italian red wine and enjoyed the classic radio tuned in to an oldies station that featured adverts from the past and a great collection of music from the 40's, 50's and early 60's.
The next day was freezing and wet. We ate breakfast at Dot's Diner which had scrambled tofu and bought some great items at the Bisbee Co-Op, then headed to Tucson. Timmy and I took his mom out to lunch at the vegan restaurant Lovin' Spoonfuls then drove home in the pouring rain listening to our Bisbee compilation CD. We even saw a rainbow on our way home. Best day ever!

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  1. Being a resident of Bisbee and traveling for a living (but having a Bisbee google alert) I am often so far away from my quirky little town. I happened upon your blog from the above mentioned alert... and I love it.

    Great writing, great foodie stuff, and a great feeling.

    Just saying thank you.