05 March 2010

Baby Shower

Today I got up very early and started to prepare for a baby shower taking place this evening. The mother to be is an adorable girl (and when I say girl, I mean full grown woman) named Jen who is just overjoyed to be having her child. The theme of her shower is all things she has been craving during her pregnancy. I imagine there will be a wide array of bizarre goodies at her house this evening. She recently attended an event that I had baked for and fell head over heels for my mini cupcakes and now she will have six dozen to enjoy all to herself, or with her guests if she so chooses to. The flavors she wanted were chocolate with chocolate frosting and a yummy little cherry in the center, vanilla with oreo cookie frosting, and lemon with lemon frosting and fresh fruit. Good choices Jen! I hope you enjoy them.


chocolate chocolate cherry

oreo goodness