16 March 2010

Cinnamon Buns

Tee hee, I wrote buns! Okay, enough of my 3rd grade humor, the other day I was creating cinnamon buns something awful. I was at work and my tum tum was a grumblin' and the only thing that could fill my tummy with enough food love was a bigger than life cinnamon bun and a hearty glass o' almond milk. I can home opened up my "Joy of Vegan Baking" cook book and went to town. Now, I have never made cinnamon buns before so I did follow the recipe word for word and I will say that though these guys were a bite of heaven, there are a few things I am going to do differently the next time I make these bad boys. I will definitely use more whole wheat flour and add flax meal, toss out the white sugar and replace it with agave, and make a maple frosting for the tops. I am also thinking of blueberry cinnamon rolls, oh yum!


  1. Did you ever think about making a cook book? I think that it might be something that you should look into perhaps. I just love reading about your baking / cooking posts.

  2. Oh man, your post is making me sooo hungry.

  3. Oh, these look tasty, did you save me one? ;)