13 May 2010

An Afternoon In The Park

Today I spent the day hanging out with my good friend Frank whom I have known for almost 10 years now. He asked me recently to take some photos of him practicing his Tai Chi form. He has just started a school to teach Tai Chi Ch'uan and wanted the photos for his website. Frank is very skilled at instructing and I have even taken a few classes. It was funny to see my friend very serious when teaching me the form. He actually smacked me a couple of times in order for me to stop looking at him as a friend during practice but as my teacher. Around the third or fourth smack I caught on and became a darn good student. That was over two years ago. Since then Frank has just been honing in on his skills and I am mighty impressed by what he can do. I have every bit of faith in him and I know his school will succeed. So needless to say, I was felt very honored when he asked me to take the photos for his site. We went to a park nearby and had a good afternoon hanging out at shooting some pretty sweet photos. When I came home I edited some of them and these are my favorites. Some are a little over the top, but all in good fun.

1960's Tai Chi master

my favorite

flying swordsman


holding his chi

moving the earth around him

I gave him a "mom" tattoo :)


  1. Awesome- I always wanted to learn this but I do not have the muscle strength for it!

  2. The photos are great and the mom tattoo is hilarious! I have always been curious about Tai Chi. What is his website?