30 May 2010

Post 51 Pancakes

Good morning all of you dewy eyed children. Today is a weekend day and I have it off! Brilliant! This never happens, normally I wake up at four A.M. every weekend and get ready for work, by get ready I mean drag my butt all across the house nearly knocking anything in my way over, putting my shoes on the wrong feet and forgetting something of importance every time I leave for work. My brain is inoperable until around six A.M. so morning time equals clumsy time for me. Today I was relieved when I got to sleep in until 5:45 (yep, that is sleeping IN) and I got out of bed well rested and ravenous.

I decided to make a cheerful breakfast and having been inspired by a random photo on Tumblr I made rainbow pancakes. I am still beaming from their happiness in a round doughy disc. The recipe is the basic pancake recipe from VWAV but with an added banana, 1/2 cup all-purpose flour, 1/2 cup white whole wheat flour and 1/4 cup coconut flour. Yum!

here I go...

so fun to eat!

nom nom nom

oh so good,





  1. Cutest thing I have seen all day!!!!

  2. so original! never seen anything like this : D

  3. oh my gosh, the best looking pancakes!!! soo yummy looking.
    oh and just HAD to tell you, i rented zombieland (thats to your recommending it). im watching it tonight! sooo excited, thanks again for suggesting it!!