19 May 2010

Bathing Suit Weather

It is happening, just as it happens this time every year. The desert is heating up and the weaker beautiful plants are wilting and dying. I say it every year, but I hate the summers in Arizona. As a wee lass I loved it, I would run barefoot on the sweltering, hot asphalt in my Wonder Woman underoos screaming out in joy. I never once complained of the discomfort of the heat, nor did I dream of bath tubs filled with ice and a car with air conditioning. Now as and adult-child (not quite a real adult) I feel the summer depression hit. No longer will I be able to go on my three to four hour bike rides (unless I desire heat stroke) baking will turn from a passion into a horrifying hellish nightmare as the kitchen heats up but never cools down and I will be sticky with sweat from now until October. I despise Arizona summers. So to cheer myself up from the inevitable discomfort that is vastly approaching I went online and found photos of what real summers look like, summers where people can go outside and play and I have also added a few photos of my own from the last week that will hopefully let Spring linger on in my heart a bit longer.

"oh woman, I wanna go surfing. I don't care about nothing"

her shorts are lovely!

and on to my photos

taken by Dani


  1. Awww You and Timmy tim tim are so super duper cute! I just adore that photograph!

  2. I could have written this post exactly, even with the Wonder Woman Underoos (except I grew up in California until age 10) and I was never oblivious to the heat here. I think I have a mild summer version of Season Affective Disorder.