27 May 2010

Random Food Photos

This is what I have been eating and baking for the last week...

Lemon cupcakes with fondant bow for recent event

Cupcakes for Dani's birthday

Grilled artichokes

cherries! yummers!

brown rice with avocados, tomatoes, "chicken" and a home made "cheese" sauce mixed with black beand and chilis. This was crazy delish

I have been on a black-eyed pea kick. Thi is black-eyed peas with tomatoes, spinach and a veggie broth

Watermelon with sea salt and rosemary

Today I am going to make a raw cherry pie and some more black bean burrito goodies.


  1. Can you just adopt me and my family? I want to eat every single thing that you cook :)
    Do you two want to get together soon?

  2. Those bows are TOO cute! You did a great job! Oh, and that watermelon sounds amazing!

  3. everything looks so tasty. just one questions, watermelon with rosemary?!

  4. Your so good at what you do! I'm in for being adopted as well! =)