18 October 2010

Ask A Vegan Pt. 18

It has been quite some time since I have done an Ask A Vegan post and I apologize. As I mentioned before there were a lot of changes going down in the world of Miss Rikki Cupcake and now I think things are settling down enough where I can focus on my Ask A Vegan project. I am pleased to say that after Manny's interview today that there are many more waiting in the Yahoo inbox. Manny is the first raw foods vegan featured on here and I am very impressed that a 19 year old would invest so much time and effort into preparing his delicious foods. I remember being 19 and what did I eat? Taco Bell. Yep, I was a fan of the bean burrito. When I think of it now, it is almost embarrassing that I, at one time, thought of Taco Bell as real food. Manny is a rare kid and I am very happy to share him with all of you.

Name: Jesus Maldonado But I like to be called by my middle name, Manny
Age: 19
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Website: Givingyouhealth.com

How long have you been Vegan?
3 ½ - 4 years

What made you decide to go Vegan?
Mainly health reasons, but now that I’ve learned a lot I do it for the animals, for my health, and for spiritual reasons.

How do you feel health wise with this diet choice?
I feel great, much better then I did before I went on this diet. Feeling better as time passes.

Are you open about your Veganism?
If so, are you involved in any activism i.e. protests, leafleting etc…
I am very open with being a vegan, everybody who knows me knows that I am a vegan and I am proud to be one. I am currently not involved in any activism but I would like to be in the near future.

What do your family, friends, co-workers think about your diet?
Many of them think it is pretty crazy and weird, but by now they are used to it.

What advice would you give those interested in becoming Vegan?
I would let them know that it is best to become educated about Veganism so that they may understand what a vegan eats, because nowadays many people are calling themselves Vegans just because they have stopped flesh yet they still eat crap. Take it slow and transition at your own pace, because everybody is different and let no one pull you away from your goals. I would also give them a few of my delicious Vegan recipes ;)

Would you eat at Mc Donald’s if they carried a Vegan burger?
No I do not eat at any fast food joint’s unless it were a strictly vegan fast food joint.

Do you have a Vegan celebrity that you find particularly dashing?
Honestly, I do not know of many vegan celebrities so I couldn’t say.

marinated vegetables

Do you have a favorite Vegan blog or website that you follow?
I like to support all Vegan blogs and websites but the only one that comes to mind is Dherbs.com. It’s run by Djehuty Ma’at Ra, a expert on herbs and health. Great website with products and info about all types of health issues. I would recommend anyone and everyone to check it out.

What is your least favorite question that you are asked about your diet?
Well I really like when people question me about my diet. It allows me to educate others about my lifestyle and I love to hear the new things people ask about it. If I were to choose one though, I’d have to say it would be the famous “where do you get all your protein?”.

What is your favorite dish?
Well since I’m eating only Raw Vegan at the moment, my favorite homemade dish would be my famous Raw soft shell tacos with mock meat and sourcream and my favorite restaurant dish would be lasagna from Rockin’Raw, a Raw Vegan restaurant in Brooklyn.

homemade almond milk

What do you typically eat at Thanksgiving?
I’ve just recently turned Raw so I’ve yet to have a Raw Vegan thanksgiving, but in the pass years I’ve had rice with beans, vegetable chille, vegetable pasteles, mash potatoes, yams, macaroni salad, and other goods that I can’t remember at the moment. Did I mention that I love to eat? ;)

If I could make you any flavor cupcake in the world what would it be?
Strawberry short(cup)cake

Please share your favorite Vegan recipe.
Unfortunately my favorite Vegan recipe is done by eye, I never took the time to write any of it down =(
So I’ll write down one of my fav desserts.
Raw Vegan Chocolate Brownies
1 cup cashews
½ cup dates(add more if needed)
1 TBSP cocoa powder
Food process until a huge ball forms. Flatten the ball on a tray and sprinkle some crushed walnuts on top if you’d like. Freeze for about an hour or until nice and solid and enjoy with a cup of VeganNog.
3 cups water
1 cup almonds
½ cup dates(add more if needed)
1 tsp vanilla powder
2-3 bananas
Blend almonds with water until smooth then strain with a nutbag or cheesecloth. Put liquid back into blender and add the rest of the ingredients then blend until smooth, chill and enjoy with your brownies. Freeze the almond pulp, it can be used in many vegan recipes so don’t let it go to waste.


  1. wow good for him! i was like you rikki, at 19 eating a lot of del taco and costco pizza..so gross. and to be raw at so young too..i don't know if i'll ever be there. great interview!

  2. It's nice to see vegan guys, seriously! I swear that there aren't enough compassionate guys out there...