27 October 2010

Thirty Days of Rikki Cupcake: Day 30

My favorite song:

Trying to narrow down my favorite song is incredibly complicated. There are numerous songs that make me smile, accompany me when I cry, play softly in the background when I make love, encourage me to be playful and happy when I bake, and also songs that provide enough energy for me to propel myself forward and often in whimsical circles on my bike. Trying to think of just one is impossible. Instead I will list the first five that pop into my head...

1. The Beatles-For No One, this is one of the saddest songs and I adore it so very much.
2. Jets to Brazil- Sweet Avenue, because the line "Budding at my fingertips, touching you I start to bloom" makes me smile every single time I hear it
3. Alkaline Trio- Radio because I remember fondly a time when I was driving my car with five or six passengers all squished in and this song came on and all of us started singing it as loud as we could. It was great.
4. Jeff Buckley- Hallelujah, I know Leonard Cohen wrote this song but Mr. Buckley's version gives me the chills. His voice is beautiful and haunting.
5. Sam Cooke- You Send Me. This song is simple and is my favorite love song.


  1. wow i can't believe you did all 30 posts..it went by kinda fast if you ask me. i really enjoyed reading all of them!

  2. Hey! We finally found a song in common...I love the Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah. It was on the sleep mix I made for John for a year! I love Leonard Cohen more in general, but I agree about this song.
    Love you and I am so glad we got to connect today. It felt special to share in such an honest conversation. I feel like I don't often get to have those special moments with the people I care about.