18 October 2010

Thirty Days of Rikki Cupcake: Day 29

In the last month what have I learned?

Oh gosh, really? This question? I guess I figured out that I could quit my job of almost five years and not really care. I thought that I would have been devastated to leave Trader Joe's but instead felt like nothing had changed. I have also as of last night fully understood the term "work friends" as in I quit my job and had a gathering to celebrate and no one showed up. I guess as long as I don't wear the stupid Hawaiian shirt any longer I am not considered a "friend." It was a bit disappointing but I guess that is what to expect of most people. That made me really appreciate the real friends that I have, the one' that call me when I forget to call them. Maybe I will have another celebration and invite friends only. (:


  1. That's how I learned about work friends, too. I have one good friend from work and few that I miss, but it's mostly just comradery in the situation. Good, too, to remember your real friends.

  2. well that sucks. still, it's their loss, so sod 'em. ;o)