03 October 2010

Thirty Days of Rikki Cupcake: Day 27

Why am I doing this 30 day challenge?

I really have no idea. Kelly started it and it looked kinds fun so I went for it, and like a lot of things I started slacking after day 12 or somewhere around there. My thirty day mark should have happened over two weeks ago...oh well. I was very productive today (I think). I baked over 100 cupcakes for an event tomorrow, I went on a bike ride with Timmy, bought my nephew some pretty sweet t-shirts and Ellie some Halloween dog pajamas, went grocery shopping and found an incredible Lance Armstrong lunchbox at a garage sale in my neighborhood. I feel pretty accomplished and deserving of the eight hours of sleep I am about to partake in. Sweet, sweet sleep. Goodnight everyone and thanks for reading my blog. I have a fun and tasty pumpkin cookie recipe to share, but that will be coming tomorrow. Sleep tight!

Rikki Cupcake


  1. how very cute you look in your picture : ]
    can't wait for the pumpkin cookie recipe!

  2. ..haha.. Lance Armstrong's lunchbox. Brilliant! ;o)


  3. Who would have known that a Lance Armstrong lunchbox even existed. It's like fate put it at that garage sale just for Miss Rikki Cupcake.