17 August 2010

procrastination nation

...it is just a little place I live in. I could have baked my yummy treat from the Veganomicon but instead I decided to watch Undercover Brother, take a nap, buy a dress and run screaming from my bathroom when a cockroach decided to invade my living space. I hate cockroaches!

I would prefer an army of Siafu ants then those little bastards. If you haven't heard of the Siafu, I suggest you wiki it, those ants are SCARY!

It is raining as I type this and I am overjoyed.

Our roof leaked all over the living room floor and threatened to destroy my record collection, but we arrived home in time just before any permanent destruction. Had the rain destroyed my brand new Crocodiles-Summer of Hate lp I would have cursed and punched a little raincloud right in it's grey face! I am just rambling, but the point is tomorrow I will not be lazy, tomorrow I will bake and share with you, tomorrow is only a day away.

Rikki Cupcake


  1. Oh rain...it makes my heart happy. Except when it fucks with your stuff. Not cool rain, not cool at all.

  2. I love the rain too! This morning, it looked all cloudy here, like it was about to pour out of the sky. But I went into work and looked out the window an hour or so later (the closest window is way far from my desk or I'd look out more often) and it was sunny as all crap. Damn.

  3. It's raining where you live? Wish it would rain over here but cool rain, none of that humid hot rain : /
    I also hate cockroaches..so gross..I see them every now and then in the garage or in random places in the front yard..ugh, sends shivers just thinking about them!

  4. I almost didn't get it done myself. Sorry about the leak. Crazy night of storms! There were rivers running down the streets by my house.

  5. Haha i feel about spiders the way you feel about cockroaches i think. terrified and disgusted...

  6. There's a character of ants that's I really like ..They always have a food or all things that they need .. And I think?? In the world of ants is have no the word of procrastination..

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