10 August 2010

Taking On The V-Con Pt. 9

Number nine, number nine....

The next four recipes (that includes today's recipe) was picked by yours truly. I wanted to pick recipes that had a South Western flair and that also reflected the many great things that come along with summer, like strawberries, bbqs, and stuff that was muy caliente! like the desert in which I live. The forcast reads, hot, hot and with a chance of scorching!! The last two weeks saw cooler weather with a few thunderstorms but the forecasters have predicted this week to heat up, with highs up to 117 degrees. With that being said, what is better than Mexican food and an ice cold cerveza to help beat the summertime blues? Today's recipe is...wait for it...wait for it...

Grilled Yuca Tortillas!

After picking this recipe I became a little scared, having never tried Yuca (or cassava) before, but then I realized, wait, I HAD tried cassava before and numerous times in the form of Daiya cheese. Daiya is made from the cassava root and tapioca, which is closely related to cassava. I will say that I do not normally top everything with fake cheese, there are times when I will eat a pizza with Daiya and it is just heavenly. The grilled yuca tortillas were incredibly easy to make, and just as easy to devour. The recipe called for fresh yuca which I could not find but I did, however, find frozen yuca at Lee Lee an Asian grocer in Mesa. Lee Lee has all kinds of amazing frozen vegan food, and if you live in the valley, I suggest you check it out!

yuca up close

On with the recipe:

1 lb. yuca
3 T. olive oil
6 cloves garlic
1 small yellow bell pepper (I used red grilled pepper)
1 jalapeno
2 tsp. lime juice
1/2 tsp. salt
pinch of pepper

then I added a sauteed red onion and black beans to the mix for good times and fun to be had by all.

As I stated earlier this recipe is very easy to make. You pretty much just boil the yuca, and mash it up like a cooked potato.

Saute garlic, bell pepper and jalapeno in olive oil,

add to smushed yuca

shove into a folded tortilla and fry up on the stove top.

I baked my tortilla to cut back on fat, but I definitely did not cut back on flavor.

Yum!! I would make this recipe again and again and again!


  1. Ooo I've made this before..one of the first I ever tried from Veganomicon. Did you find peeling the yuca to be a pain? That skin be thick! But after getting through that, this meal really is the best!

  2. Ooh! Frozen yucca at LeeLee, that is good to know! I am assuming it was already peeled and prepared for you? I'd be more likely to make it now with that short cut. :)

  3. no peeling required on the frozen kind! easy as pie mt friends. (: