26 August 2010

Thirty days of Rikki Cupcake: Day 7

a picture of someone or something that has he biggest impact on me:

I was trying to think of something epic. A person or event that has so changed my life that I would not have become the Rikki Cupcake we all know and love. I thought long and hard and came up empty handed. I admire certain people, but usually those I admire are not role models, they are rebels and revolutionaries. I was trying to think of a certain book that opened my mind to new ideas and possibilities, but most of the authors I read have committed suicide, so also not ones to emulate. Then as I began to think of pivotal moments in my life, each memory had one thing on common, they all had emotional soundtracks.

For every hardship, or triumph there was a song or band that upon hearing, can bring me instantly to a point of reverie. For example, I lost my virginity to Nine Inch Nails, I fell in love for the first time with Weezer, I had my first and worst heartache to Bright Eyes and Azure Ray, I found my love for Timmy with Bonnie Price Billy.

Music I think is what makes me motivated, fuels my creativity, propels me when cycling, enables me to do the dishes. Anything and everything I do in not done in silence.

my current music favorites

Best Coast

The Drums

The Crocodiles

The Dum Dum Girls

What are you currently listening to?

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  1. Really into Burial, Bon Iver, any kind of folk/anti-folk. :o)