26 August 2010

Taking On The V-Con Pt. 11

I should have posted this an couple of days ago but I was having a day so bad, I was planning my after work cocktail at nine in the morning. I ended up being a bit tipsy when I made dinner and a bit too tipsy to write my review of it. Woopsie! I chose the Corn and Blueberry Pancakes a couple of weeks ago as one of the four recipes I got to choose for this segment of Taking on the V-Con. I wanted something summery and easy to make as it is still incredibly hot and just thinking of turning on the oven makes me sweaty. The pancakes were very easy to assemble and took no time at all to cook. I haven't ever experienced cornmeal in pancakes before and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The pancakes were light and crispy and extremely delicious. If you plan on making this the only change I suggest is to add about 1/4 more flour to the batter, because if not they will be way too runny.

the basic ingredients, I used rice milk instead of soy

mix the dry ingredients separately then add wet, mix together then add your blues

I wish I had cute pancake maker shapes, these look sad and non pancake-ish

end results

These were light and crispy. I will definitely make these puppies again.


  1. Yum, you poured on so much maple syrup goodness! mmm my fav! I also wish I had cute pancake molds..but sometimes the 'not so perfect looking' ones are the prettiest.

  2. I've found that rice milk tends to be thinner than soy milk for baking purposes. Do you think that contributed to your runny pancakes needing more flour?

    These look and sound delish!

  3. Can't beat blueberry pancakes! Though it's a close call between those and chocolate chips, you've gotta give it to the berries, especially when they're in prime season.