28 August 2010

Thirty days of Rikki Cupcake: Day 8

Short term goals for this month and why:

1. Start working out again.
It has been so hot that I haven't wanted to go on my bike rides, and less bike rides for me, means less energy, less energy to work out. I have put on summer weight and I need to shed it off so I can wear my favorite shirts again with confidence.

2. Quit eating ice cream
I was never really an ice cream person but now I am craving it, non-stop. I have some amazing Coconut Bliss last night, yum. But since I am not working out the ice cream is really getting to me. Yikes!

3. Finish Gliead.
I have moved my way through so many new books this year but I seem to be slacking at my latest book Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. I read Housekeeping by her earlier this month and loved it, couldn't put it down, but this one doesn't interest me as much, but I have been told by so many that it is a good read. I just need to work my way through it I guess. I have three days! (:

4. Mentally prepare myself for September's bake sale.
I tend to get frustrated when I have a lot to do, especially when it comes to lots of baking with one oven and a pretty small kitchen. No room, no room! I just need to take a breath, take a shot of vodka and get in there!

5. Help Jinia
My friend has a lot going on and I need to make sure I am available to her as much as possible. She is a sweet girl and I need to make sure that when she needs me, I will drop everything and be there. So that means not filling up my schedule like I tend to do way too often.

6. Hug Timmy.
I don't hug him enough.

That is it, those are my short term goals. I think they are all pretty attainable, don't you?

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  1. Let me know what you need for the bake sale. I will help in any way I can.

    Same thing goes for Jinia. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

    I miss youuuu