20 August 2010

Thirty days of Rikki Cupcake: Day 2

The meaning behind my blog name:

This one could be kind of helpful to those who may not be familiar with my humour. I am not a Satanist, I do not have a chalk pentagram on the floor of my living room (although that would be kind of funny) nor do I curl my fingers into the sign of the beast whilst headbanging to Slayer. Sorry to disappoint those of you who chose to follow me, hoping I would be giving recipes for incantations to bringing the dead back to life. My name is actually a really fun play on words, Seitan being a fake meat made from Vital Wheat Gluten (pronounced say-taan) sounds a bit like Satan huh? The Vegan Heathen part was something I have used for quite some time but there is already a Vegan Heathen blog, sigh. I went by Vegan Heathen after I was told by a completely crazy person, that I was going against the teachings of God by not eating meat. I had no idea! (: That is when I looked into my black shriveled heart and knew in fact I was a heathen, a Vegan Heathen. (: Now Timmy on the other hand is Satanic, see for yourself...


  1. Best photo ever!
    I guess I take it for granted that I know and love seitan. I could totally go for a chalk penagram on my floor though...I wonder if I sit in it while playing Nintendo is I would be sent to the final castle and have to take on Bowser....hm...

  2. cupcakes are evil in that they're calorie ridden. so that's kinda satanic, huh?!

    and on the iphone thing...i just got it for my birthday. before that i had a regular ole phone and was fine. but having a fancy phone has been kinda fun. but def something i could live without. whenever you come to the dark side (smart phones), get back to me on what apps you like!

  3. p.s. the kitty quickly recovers from the punching once you give him some milk :)

  4. Josh and I just about died when we saw that picture of Tim.
    Courtney needs a game genie like me and then she won't need the powers of satan.

  5. I think your blog name is so clever, I just love the play on words x