21 August 2010

Thirty days of Rikki Cupcake: Day 3 (image heavy)

A picture of you and your friends, I have a few since I don't have just one photo of all of the people I love together, but I wish I did. Note to friends, get on this! And in no particular order...

My girl Zoe and I. We used to schlep porn together, but now bff's.

Me and Austin, she is more like my little sister. This was the day she got her first tattoo. Yay! She lives in California and I hardly get to see her. Poop!

My friend Ryan, the weirdo beardo at din time, he shaved his beard since, but lives in NY so this picture makes me sad. :(

Timmy's friends who I have taken on as my own. L-R Danielle, me, Timmy, Celine and Lucy at Lucy's wedding. She made her own dress!

My buddy Frank I have known for 10 years now. He used to be a crazy lil punk rock kid, now he teaches tai chi.

My sweet dear Friend Alyssa. I love her to the moon and back. Isn't she beautiful?

Ralph Nader and I. We are not friends but I was glad I met him and he is a super cool dude. I almost ran into a tree waving at him on my bike.

My girl Annie, she will kick you apart!

My boy Billy, I have known him for over 14 years! He is a talented musician and a cutey red head.

Jeff the sign guy and me. Nah, Jeff used to be called the sigh guy, but now he is my best bud at work. Amazing artist and single for all of you local ladies. His hair has been cut, and looks very lovely.

Adelaide is my best friend!

My sweet Bean, who lives in Utah, I met her at work and fell in love with her quirky humour. She is great!

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