19 September 2010

Maple Bacon Donuts

I made these just to show it could be done. These donuts were delicious and I brought some in for my new coworkers at Pomegranate and they all seemed genuinely pleased.
Vegan donuts=fucking awesome!


  1. AH! Right on. I haven't had a donut in so long.. and what goes better with maple than vegan bacon? I want one, right meow.

  2. Oh, man! Can you share the recipe? I want to make this happen in my kitchen!

  3. Ok I got a question for you. Remember those yummy chocolate donuts you made for the bake sale..I plan on making them this week but I don't have a donut baking pan. I was thinking of putting the dough in a muffin/cupcake pan instead. Do you think that would work?

  4. jacklyn, you could def do that! they could be like donut holes.

    Becky, i got this recipe on the urban housewife's page, and it is actually from vegan yum yum. it is the best donut recipe i have tried thus far. I made a maple frosting using maple syrup, earth balance, vanilla extract, powdered sugar and almond milk. I didn't really measure anything, just made it to my liking. It was a sticky mess but it dried up perfect! (: