17 September 2010

This one is for my veg friends

Ellen may have offered Lady Gaga a bikini made out of vegetables, but I found floating on the internets a better option for her...

Lady G said she was wearing the meat to bring attention to gay rights, which is great, I am pro gay marriage. I have many friends who are bi, queer and over the top flamboyant and I love every single one of them. They deserve every right that others are awarded with daily. My only problem, why the meat Gaga? Whether it was real or not, it was disgusting. Couldn't you have worn a rainbow flag, or marched in with a bunch of hot gay dudes in Marine outfits? You could have just worn a McDonald's frock and looked just as discusting and cruel. The outfit was completely ridiculous and instead of getting her point across she just ended up looking like Cruella Deville. Sick! Next time she should strap a pile of dog poo on to let everyone know how much she stinks at getting her message across.

Yes this was written a bit out of contempt, but seriously she didn't help a single person with her shenanigans, except herself.


  1. Just brilliant! I am pro-gay and I totally agree. "I don't want to offend any vegans or vegetarians out there, you know I'm opened minded." That's like wearing horrible queer violence pictures all over her. I was offended...no matter how 'open' her mind may be. Thanks for this!

  2. I agree, her messages didn't have anything to do with the outfit. Those tofu boots look really funny, that is certainly another attention-getter.

  3. I am with you on this on! Her outfit was disgusting..ever part of it..the shoes and nasty meat hat..so gross..but she did get attention..lots of it! Something I think she will do anything for : /
    Yeah, I had to re-think my love for her music after this one.