09 September 2010

Thirty days of Rikki Cupcake: Day 17

Someone I want to switch lives with for one day and why...

I have been thinking about this question and so far there hasn't been any person that really has stuck out in my mind as someone I am either envious of or someone I would want to emulate. I used to think it would be fun to be Bill Gates for a day only for the fact that I heard a rumour that he could start running his bath water from a button in his car. So when approaching his home he could have his bath drawn and waiting for him. I really like baths so that would be pretty cool. I suppose I could always build a button and add it to my bike? I wouldn't mind switching places with either one of my dogs so I could get belly rubs all day.

I don't want to be the president, or an astronaut or any of that because I really like who and where I am. For the first time in my life I feel truly happy and hopeful of all that awaits me. I have a beautiful fiance, four wonderful furry children, a large group of trustworthy and amazing friends and now a job that will only help me develop my skills as a vegan pastry chef. What more could I need or want?

A fun photo I took and altered from a recent hike with Tim and my friend Alyssa on her birthday.


  1. Rikki did you go to school for all your baking knowledge? I would love to do something with vegan food in the future but I am guessing the only way I would succeed is to open up my own shop. I don't know of many restaurants that are willing to hire a chef without a culinary schooling : /

  2. No formal training just lots of experimentation. I bet if you found an awesome locally owned and operated restaurant, if you showed your portfolio they would be willing to take a chance on you. The stuff you are making whether it be your own of from a recipe looks fantastic. You have the skills, you just need to find the right person to recognize them.

  3. Thank you for the advice Rikki : ]