14 September 2010

Vegan Bake Sale re-cap

The bake sale on Saturday was fantastic. We raised $900 for the Arizona Adoption and Foster Care and made many new friends. There were new bakes that contributed this time plus a raffle of some extremely cool items. There were also tons of fresh faces of those who haven't been to one of our bake sales before and they were astonished at the amount of items to choose from, cookies, apple pie, raw crackers, donuts and banana muffins. There were great quantities of gluten free items and a few low or no sugar goodies too! Here are some photos of the fun and goodies:

pecan shortbread bars


peppermint fudge


more cookies

Tracy and her bake sale buddies

painting donated for raffle by Mike Maas

painting donated by Jodi Maas


  1. Man....someday I will make it to AZ and buy a whole bunch of your goodies.
    (Did you know that you can sell treat on Etsy? Maybe you should look into that!)

  2. Wow! I love that bat cupcake painting!! And the pecan shortbread bars and donuts have me seriouly wishing I'd brought dessert to eat at my desk today...

  3. your donuts were my favorite treat!! amazing :]

  4. Everything turned out so well. Did I tell you that I talked to the lady about getting some information on adoption? Josh and I have always talked about adopting but we are always so overwhelmed with info and emotion. It was really great to make a contact.

  5. great job! everything we got was so yummy! I don't know who made the coconut choco cuppers but my omni sister adored hers. the iced sugar cookies and mexican wedding cookies were also particularly delish. mmm.

  6. Oooh ... peppermint fudge! I can see how you raised so much money. I also love the bat cupcake painting.

  7. om nom nom you did such a great job, Rikki! Congrats on another success and helping so many people (and growing our community!) <3

  8. That is just awesome! Everything looks fantastic as usual. I hope to actually be able to come next time! But I was there in spririt.

  9. wow- congrats thats awesome!!!
    and omg that food is making me DROOL!