02 September 2010

Pomegranate Cafe

I just realized that this my 108th post and it will be the first restaurant review I have written. I am not sure as to why this is. Tim and I eat out, not very often but often enough for us to have located or favorite Vegan and Vegan friendly restaurants in the valley. We have the special items we order and when feeling adventurous we step out of the mold and order something new and exotic to tantalize our tasters, but recently I feel as if I have been in a restaurant rut. I have my favorites, my go to places in a pinch, but I haven't a place that I crave; a food shoppe where all of the menu items look so good I take half an hour to decide. I haven't found the eatery to replace my beloved Mandala Tea Room. The best little place to lay your fork down in the valley, but it closed over two years ago and I am still in mourning.

This past Saturday my adorable and bookish friend Bonnie invited me to breakfast at a little place she just visited called Pomegranate Cafe. I had been meaning to check out Pomegranate, but it was too far a summer bike ride destination. It was Bonnie's birthday wish, so I agreed and was pleasantly surprised at the the little cafe that has now reserved a little nook in my heart. Bonnie ordered and egg sammie called the Avocado sandwich. The avo sammie has eggs, cheese and tomato on a spelt muffin. They had a vegan version too!

I ordered mine with tofu and Daiya cheese and the tofu was just right. The texture was perfect and it was very savory. The sammie came with a side of fruit that was fresh and tasty.

I also ordered an additional side of fruit because really, who doesn't like fruit for breakfast?

Along with my sammie I had the Cassie's Coconut Latte and it had to have been my favorite cup o' joe of the month! The subtle taste of the coconut milk really took the latte to a whole new level.

Bonnie opted for a fresh juice blend of beets, oranges, carrots and ginger. It was tart and spicy. We were full and happy when we left Pomegranate that day.

Fast forward to Tuesday, Timmy took the day off and around lunch time I took him by the arms and tossed him into the hipster mobile and drove off to Ahwatukee to get my Pomegranate fix.

Timmy ate the special of the day, the Philly Melt sandwich and it was gone in 3.5 seconds.

I was looking for something a bit healthier and went for the raw Arizona rolls. They consisted of Nori seaweed stuffed with almond spread and veggies, alongside cabbage salad with a tasty miso dressing. It has heavenly. The seaweed was a little chewy, but that didn't stop me from attacking my plate. I ate half and saved the other half for dinner. It's so nice, gotta' eat it twice!

I also ordered an elixir called Illumination to chase away melancholy and to uplift the spirit. It reminded me a bit of kambucha but without the vinegar taste. It was very effervescent and mildly sweet. I loved it!

Timmy and I could not refrain from having dessert so we ordered a slice of pomegranate cake to go, and as soon as we got home shoved it in our pie hole like piggies. It was moist, velvety and not too sweet.

And then the next day...I ate there AGAIN! This time with my lady friend Tracy, who also order the Philly melt and shared her love of it with Tim later that day. I tried something new, the Buddha's Delight Bowl with brown rice, tofu & kale. The server told me it was her favorite dish and I was in for a treat. Once again, Pomegranate was spot on with the tofu texture and taste and the veggies were incredibly fresh.

(taken with phone, sorry)
Tracy and I shared a slice of raw raspberry cheesecake that was divine. It came with fresh strawberries and a beautiful hand made chocolate design. Both Tracy and I made illicit "oh my gosh, oooooohhhhhh myyyy goshhhhh!" sounds. All three visits left me wanting to come back again and again. I have tomorrow off, who knows what will happen?

On an even more exciting note I met Cassie co-owner of Pomegranate and she donated gift certificates to the upcoming bake sale and her lovely sister is bringing desserts to donate. How sweet is that? This place gets a 9.0 rating in my book. I took a point off for the plates they used (cardboard) because this Pomegranate Cafe is beautiful and welcoming and I think ceramic dishes would add to their already wonderful ambiance.


  1. I really need to get there and visit, but I'm not out that way very often. The pomegranate stuff is making me drool!

  2. Great review. This is so close to my house. I was just talking about trying it out, now I'm going for sure. You need to call me when you go again. If I'm off of work, I'd love to meet up with you!