03 September 2010

Thirty days of Rikki Cupcake: day 13

Write a letter to someone who has hurt you recently:

This doesn't really apply because I don't let people hurt me so instead I share with you this!

my Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World avatar

If you haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet, I suggest you do, and if you are Vegan there is a ten minute stretch in the film that will have you laughing so hard you wet yourself.


  1. Oh that's so cute! I love the kitty!
    I heard about the vegan thing in the movie..must check it out

  2. I LOVED the Vegan Police! It was so funny I was just going to email you and Katie about it! When they listed his three offensives I DIED laughing!
    I made a SPVTW avatar too (with the same cute kitty!). We need Katie and Kim to make one to add to out v-con graphic!

  3. oh P.S. Yours says the Fanboy mine said the Narcissist! (I photoshopped mine to be a figure without the black box!